Magic Mystery Voices Radio Competition News

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Friday 13 Not Unlucky for One Mystery Voice Caller

One thing that stood out today was the fact that not too many new names got added to our database. People seem to be coming up with the same wrong names. They’re obviously not listening to Magic 105.4 FM. Or maybe it was just the curse of Friday 13!

Friday 13 wasn’t all that unlucky for the second caller to the Magic Mystery Voices competition line though. One voice was successfully identified at 8 am bringing some cheer to the Breakfast show! We can’t tell you which name it was. That wouldn’t be in the spirit of the game! We won’t even tell you if it was a male celebrity or a female celebrity! But you can check our database of over 100 incorrect guesses. This could increase your chances of either correctly identifying one other name for a chance to win £20,000, for guessing another correct name.

And if you guess all three names correct, you could be enjoying several holidays with the jackpot of £32,000 . Not to forget the £3,000 worth of Brent Cross shopping vouchers courtesy of the Brent Cross Shopping Centre which has parking for over 8,000 cars!

Meanwhile, lucky Neil will be booking his luxury holiday!

Don't waste your lucky chance on the Magic Mystery Voices hotline! Check here to see if your guess is one of the wrong guesses!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mystery Voices, London's Biggest Prize Quiz

The magic mystery voice competition is still London’s Biggest money quiz and rising. One head teacher, a concrete mixer, and a mother of one were amongst today’s almost lucky callers with an eye on the Magic Mystery Voices competition prize which rose to £40,900, by the end of play today, with no winners.

To check our database of previous wrong guesses, you do need to have as near as possible to the correct spelling of the name. I suggest you check names against either Google or wikipedia, which is what we do.

You’d be surprised how many wrong guesses get repeated, sometimes one hour after the other. Don’t waste your three chances if you’re lucky enough to get through on the Competition line. Check to see if the names you want to suggest have been guessed already.

Good luck!!!

Check the Magic Mystery Voices wrong answers!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Magic Mystery Voices Money Jackpot Still Growing

A lorry driver, a physiotherapist, and food tester were amongst the eleven lucky callers that got through on the magic mystery voices competition hot line. Sadly, that was where the luck ended for all of them. The jack pot ended at £39,700 which tomorrow morning’s 7 am caller could win by ringing the magic mystery voices competition line.

There was one name that we just couldn’t decipher, no matter how many times we played it back so we opted to leave it out of the database to avoid any further confusion. We either get it right or don’t put it in at all.

One ambiguous suggestion was whether the caller said Robin Williams or Robbie Williams. We’ve opted for Robin Williams which was really what the caller seemed to be pronouncing. But just bare in mind, it could be either of the two. Without a doubt, both names will come up for sure in future.

Check the names we've collated so far at our mystery voices web site.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Magic Mystery Voices Competition Is Back

Well, in all honesty, the radio competition that gets tongues wagging all day long has been back on the airwaves since last Monday. The formula's the same: three mystery voices teasing London to distraction!

The current prize fund stands at £37,300 as of 6 pm this evening! £10,000 for guessing one name correct; £20,000 for guessing two of the mystery celebrity voices names correctly, and the full jack pot for al three celebrity names guessed correctly.

Personally, I was sure Helen Mirren was one of the names. That really elegant sounding voice that is the last one played. But one of the lucky callers to get through suggested Helen Mirren and it was't her!

The competition resumes at 7 am tomorrow morning and is run every hour on the hour. The competition line is opened before the hourly news reading.

Have a look at our database and see if the name you're sure of is stored there. If it isn't in the database, then there is a chance it could be one of three names that can make you very rich indeed.

Mystery Voices!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another Jackpot Winner For The Magic Mystery Voices Radio Competition Today!

Earlier today, less than 24 hours after another listener had guessed two names correctly in the Magic Mystery Voices Radio Competition, Peter Lorraine from Kensington, London became the envy of Magic FM listeners when he correctly guessed all three names and won the jackpot fund of £98,400.

His correctly guessed names were: Clive Anderson, Morton Hackett (I'd never heard of him either until yesterday and I still don't know what he's famous for although I'd probably think, ah-ha, if I saw his picture - there may be a pun in there somewhere); and Sarah Dallin of the 80's pop phenomenom Banarama.

Peter Lorraine is going to spend the money on a holiday, his parents (awww, bless) and pay off his mortgage (not a very big mortgage for Kensington). The rest of us are going to dream whimsically about the next Magic Mystery Voices Radio Competition!

You can still check to see the wrong names guessed during this and the previous competition by visiting our Magic Mystery Voices Wrong Guesses Web Site.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Magic Mystery Voices Gets £5,000 winner!

We've waited for weeks and the moment came during the penultimate round of the day when Billie Wooton of Bracknell correctely guessed one more name. She deserved to win. She's done her home-work, subscribed to the Magic Newsletter and must have studied the names to eliminate her choices, both of which were names not suggested before for the Magic Mystery Voices Radio Competition.

Earlier on, Sid Owen and Carol Smilie joined the expanding list of wrong answers.

An earlier caller mixed screen names with actual names when he suggested Jackie Webb of Footballers' Wives fame. Jackie Webb is actually the screen name of Gillian Taylforth. But either way, Gillian Taylforth is already on the list of wrong answers for the competition .

You can subscribe to the Magic newsletter or check the wrong answers the fun way at our mystery voices checker web site.

The prize fund now starts at £97,900.00 while a speechless Billie can expect a cheque for £5,000 for correctly guessing two names. The next winner will have to guess all three names correctly.

Magic Mystery Voices Wrong Answers -

Friday, June 23, 2006

Mystery Voices - £93,000 and rising

Yup, you read that right. The magic mystery voices competition continues to turn faces purple as London holds its collective breath every hour as another brave soul tries to give three correct guesses.

One correct name has been guessed so far: Clive James. But who are the other two? Links will be provided tomorrow!